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Appendix B: Workshop Roster
Pages 35-38

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... Brown School of Engineering Rice University Donald Falkenburg Director Greenfield Coalition for New Manufacturing Education at Wayne State University David Auston President KavIi Institute Michael Koh~hase Adjunct Associate Professor School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University M.S. Vijay Kumar Assistant Provost and Director of Academic Computing Massachusetts Institute of Technology e JPro eet Sconces Wm.
From page 36...
... Gates Associate Professor Department of Computer Science University of Texas at E} Paso Kurt Gramoll Robert Hughes Centennial Professor of Engineering Director of the Engineering Media Laboratory University of Oklahoma Joseph Hardin Deputy Director of the Media Union and Director of Systems Development and Operations School of Tnformation University of Michigan Frank Huband Executive Director American Society for Engineering Education Christopher Israel Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy U.S. Department of Commerce Bruce M
From page 37...
... Salmon S ecretary/Treasurer Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences NAE Staff Matthew Caia, Senior Project Assistant Lance Davis, Executive Officer Katharine Gramling, Research Associate Patricia Mead, Senior Program Officer Proctor Reid, Associate Director, Program Office 37 Joe} Smith Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer Computing Services Carnegie Mellon University Edward C.T. Walker Chief Executive Officer TMS Global Learning Consortium, Tnc.
From page 38...
... achieving sustainable IT-based education in a STEM-relevant social environment. The laboratory, which would exist in both virtual and physical space, would bring together distributed research on education, learning, and technology; and it would establish a virtual commons for diverse initiatives (e.g., OKI, TMS/SCORM, cligital libraries, iUniversity, Connexions, and Sooner City Project)

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