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Appendix C: Summary Notes from Workshop Breakout Sessions
Pages 39-44

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From page 39...
... The new lab should be a too} for doing science and engineering, not a sandbox. The lab and plans for its activities should be based on current projects and available tools, that are making existing tools and content work.
From page 40...
... Concentrate on enabling technologies and building communities rather than large-scale systems. Participants agreed that issues related to tools and technology in TT-enabled education could not be adequately addressed without also considering architecture, content, pedagogy, and the cultural environment.
From page 41...
... Achieving interoperability is a multidimensional task that extends beyond technical issues. If we do not express objectives in concise, performance-based terms, and if we do not have a common framework for documenting assessment data, we cannot achieve interoperability for users of sharable learning resources.
From page 42...
... Rather than building a test-bed from scratch, we should build upon, and involve, organizations currently involved in related efforts. Our ultimate success wait depend on human and organizational issues.
From page 43...
... Mechanisms for awarding tenure, assigning salary increases, and giving recognition and rewards must be changed. A very serious impediment to the implementation of shared material systems is our traditional copyright laws and the way they are used by authors and publishers.
From page 44...
... Robert Black Deputy Director and Publications and Marketing Manager American Society for Engineering Education Sheri Brodeur University Programs Manager HewletI-Packard Company 44 Ann Q Gates Associate Professor Department of Computer Science University of Texas at El Paso Kurt Gramoll Robert Hughes Centennial Professor of Engineering Director of the Engineering Media I~aboratory University of Oklahoma Joseph Hardin Deputy Director of the Media Union and Director of Systems Development and Operations School of Information University of Michigan Frank Huband Executive Director American Society for Engineering Education Christopher Israel Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy U.S.

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