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Executive Summary
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... The workshop participants agreed that coordinated leadership wall be necessary and that a national conversation should be focused on topics such as interoperability and shared objectives for the future. This workshop sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering is an attempt to take advantage of the window of opportunity to promote a national discourse on the future of TT-based educational initiatives in post-secondar-Y STEM education.
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... This report summarizes the themes that emerged from the workshop and presents the recommendations of the steering committee based on the workshop discussions. In this four-month project and single workshop, the committee did not attempt to come up with a detailed plan to reach long-term, or even medium-term, goals for ITbased educational materials.
From page 3...
... The chapter includes a broad outline of a critical infrastructure: open architectures; community-defined technological specifications that support varying levels of interoperability; organizational and cultural strategies that nurture communities and support effective teaching and learning; and legal and economic frameworks that encourage openness and sustainability. To ensure interoperability, cataloging and metadata can be used to locate and identify educational content.
From page 4...
... The precursor committee should be appointed by a national STEM organization, such as the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation or National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The precursor committee should ultimately identify an organizational champion to serve as a long-term oversight body to coordinate future activities.
From page 5...
... The laboratory should engage leading scholars in research on fundamental processes in TT-enabled STEM learning, provide a test-bed for interoperability, and provide a mechanism for documenting the impact of specific resources and practices on STEM learning. The laboratory should be developed under the leadership of an organizational champion and with the support of leading government agencies (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S.
From page 6...
... A precursor steering committee should identify and solicit the support of an organizational champion to carry out the long-term activities in support of TT-based STEM education. The organizational champion should be a significant presence in the STEM education community, and should carry out the strategy and vision set forth by the precursor committee.

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