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4 Data Needs
Pages 31-33

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From page 31...
... System of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting (and its Bureau of Economic Analysis counterpart, the Integrated Environmental anti Economic Satellite Accounts) floes not make the input-output valuation distinction and, thus, requires much less data than some other nonmarket efforts that do.
From page 32...
... identify gaps and assess them as to their relative importance in precluding the accounting objectives, and (5) specify meaningful ways that the important gaps could be filled, either through new data collection or by developing suitable proxies based on theoretical considerations.
From page 33...
... in addition to its obvious role in constructing a househoIct production account, ATUS will also provide data essential to accounts covering other areas of nonmarket activity for which time is a key input such as health, volunteer activities, and human capital. For purposes of health accounting, ATUS may be useful in generating improved estimates of family members' and patients' time in treatment and time exercising or sleeping.

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