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6. Conclusions and Future Work
Pages 113-118

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From page 113...
... The 2010 census planners must strive to keep pace with new opportunities in rapidly changing information technology; they must try to work to achieve design consensus with both Congress and the executive branch, even though three congressional elections anc! two presidential elections will take place between now anct Census Day 2010.
From page 114...
... To expand on some of the preceding examples, the Census Bureau has not proviclect, to clate, a full justification for the use of mobile computing crevices (MCDs) to assist in nonresponse follow-up data collection, or for the use of Internet anct interactive voice response (IVR)
From page 115...
... Their potential benefits include automated data collection anct transmission, higher quality data collection, easier identification of housing units, facilitated navigation from one housing unit to the next, anct facilitated communication of assignments. While these are certainly important advantages, they neect to be quantified to be able to analyze whether the advantages offset the costs, both monetary (perhaps on the orcler of $250 million for procurement)
From page 116...
... .. In at least two major waves in early and late 2002, the Census Bureau reviewed its planned set of evaluation studies and citing resource demands and the need to prioritize research cancelled dozens of planned evaluations.
From page 117...
... We hope that logical architecture modeling as described in Chapter 2 provides clues to other ways in which effort may be better integrated ancl internal organizations may be realignecl. Other prominent examples of substantive areas in which integration may be lacking inclucle: · insufficient efforts to develop requirements for the personal computing crevices ancl to understand how these crevices interact with headquarters with respect to acquiring up-to-date maps, assign.
From page 118...
... by empirical evidence from evaluation studies and census tests and with careful attention to both costs and benefits, would help greatly in building support for the 2010 census plan.

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