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Appendix: Summary of Recommendations
Pages 43-45

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... Such registries would include all willing vaccinated personnel not associated with a response team ranging from retired or relocated health care or public health workers to military reservists ant! former military personnel.
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... SELECTED ASPECTS OF SMALLPOX VACCINATION PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION Communicating About and Coordinating the Response to Adverse Events To help ensure that the adverse event reporting and follow-up procedures work as seamIessly as possible, the committee recommencts that CDC coordinate better with their state partners and provide feedback to local partners who reported the adverse event. Streamlining Data Collection The committee recommends that CDC pursue ways to streamline the data systems that are used in the smallpox vaccination program, improving user-friendliness and integrating the multiple systems to avoid duplicate data entry, especially considering that any future expansion of the vaccination program wouicl require a larger number and greater diversity of data system users, some of whom may be using these systems for the first time.
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... and it is impossible to detect all pregnancies at the time of vaccination, the committee floes not recommend extra pregnancy screening efforts at this time. Evaluation and Safety Studies The committee recommends that CDC begin developing a structured, prioritized research agencia that can aid decision-making as the smallpox preparedness program moves forward.

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