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5. Professionalism, Standards, and Quality
Pages 19-22

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From page 19...
... By 1975, the first inspections by NAME were accomplished, and the accreditation process was revised to a checklist format in 1995. The 1995 checklist contains 294 questions covering 13 topics: facilities; safety; personnel; notification, acceptance, and release; investigations; body handling; postmortem examinations; identification; evidence and specimen collection; support services2; reports and records; mass-disaster plan; and quality assurance.
From page 20...
... But unlike hospital accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, for example, accreditation by NAME is not a requirement for funding of medical examiner and coroner offices. NIJ Guide for Death Scene Investigations Steven C
From page 21...
... It merely requires a written policy or standard operating procedure that is scheduled and implemented regularly, with documentation of corrective action for identified deficiencies. The American College of Pathology and the American Society of Clinical Pathology have various types of exercises for inclivi(lual pathologists.
From page 22...
... . The discussion focused on ways to promote greater co~n~nit~nent to quality assurance, especially for coroner offices that lack NAME accreditation, including Setting up a dedicated fund for training by charging the public $12 per death certificate (Steven Clark, Mary Fran Ernst)

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