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6. Concluding Thoughts and Possible Next Steps
Pages 42-44

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From page 42...
... Some served students in relatively disadvantaged circumstances; others served greater numbers of advantaged students. The programs ranged in scale, in their methods, and in the goals they were trying to meet.
From page 43...
... The developers of many of the programs that placed new responsibilities on teachers realized from the start that teachers had not had sufficient training in measurement to succeed with the new requirements without targeted training up front. Ongoing support of many kinds through summer workshops, shared websites, mentoring networks, and the like is another key element in many.
From page 44...
... In many of the programs discussed, the explicit assistance of measurement experts was sought either to review new assessment plans or to work with and train the teachers and officials who would be developing and carrying out the program. The developers of these programs recognized that they were attempting something ambitious and that taking particular care that the technical innovations passed professional muster would be important.

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