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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 47-50

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... APPENDIX A Workshop Agenda Bridging the Gap Between Large-Scale and Classroom Assessment January 23-24, 2003 The National Academies 500 Fifth Street, NW, Room 100 Washington, DC Thursday, January 23 Time Topic 7:30-8:00 8:00-8:45 8:45-9:30 Continental Breakfast Welcome and Workshop Overview Teaching and Learning in a Coherent Educational Environment 47 Speaker Michael Feuer, National Research Council J Myron Atkin, Stanford University Marge Petit, National Center for Improving Educational Assessment Gail Burrill, Michigan State University
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... 48 ASSESSMENT IN SUPPORT OF INSTRUCTION AND LEARNING 9:30-10:00 Large-Scale Assessment: Lorrie Shepard, University of Laying Out the Colorado, Boulder Territory 10:00-10:45 Classroom Assessment in Support of Learning and Instruction 11:00-12:00 A Report from the Commission on Designing Instructionally Supportive Assessment 12:00-12:45 Lunch Dylan Wiliam, King's College, London James Popham, University of California, Los Angeles 12:45-1:30 Bridging the Gap: Richard Shavelson, Stanford Aligning Formative University and Summative Assessments 1:30-2:15 Special Issues in Jan de Lange, Freudenthal Institute, Mathematics and Utrecht University, The Netherlands Science Assessment J Myron Atkin, Stanford University 2:15-3:00 Northern California Linda Fisher and David Foster, Mathematics The Noyce Foundation Assessment Collaborative 3:00-3:45 Delaware Rachel Wood, Delaware Department Comprehensive Science of Education Assessment 3:45-4:45 Building Bridges Between Large-Scale and Classroom Assessment with PASS; The Vermont Assessment Program: An Exemplar Kathleen Comfort, WestEd Bud Meyers and David White, Vermont Department of Education
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... APPENDIX A 49 4:45-5:45 International Barry McGaw, Organisation for Comparative Economic Co-operation and Perspective Development 5:45 Adjourn Friday, January 24 Time Topic Speaker 7:30-8:00 Continental Breakfast 8:00-8:45 Washington State Greg Hall and Dawn Billings, Assessment Program Washington State Department of Education 8:45-9:30 International George Pook, International Baccalaureate Diploma Baccalaureate Organisation Programme 9:30-10:30 A Classroom/National Literacy Assessment System 10:30-11:30 BEAR Assessment System Geoff Masters, Australian Council for Educational Research Mark Wilson, University of California, Berkeley 11:30-12:15 Facet-Based Assessment Jim Minstrell, Talaria, Inc. 12: 15-1 :00 Lunch 1:00-1:45 Model-Based Eva Baker, University of California, Assessment: Why, Los Angeles What, How, How Good, and What Next?
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... Myron Atkin Continued Panel Discussion

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