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5. Student Education and Outcomes
Pages 31-34

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... Despite the known shortcomings of "E," the reputational measure of educational effectiveness, the 1995 Study proceeded to measure it in order to maintain continuity with the previous 1982 Study. The Committee observed the high degree of correlation between "Q." the reputational measure of scholarly quality of faculty, and "E," and asked the Panel on Student Processes and Outcomes to focus on defining direct measures that could be obtained from programs or through surveys that would provide information about the education of doctoral students that was comparable across programs and at the same time useful to potential students and to program administrators.
From page 32...
... study, Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineers recommended that Academic departments should provide employment information and career advice to prospective and current students in a timely manner and should help students see career choices as a series of branching decisions. Students should be encouraged to consider discrete alternative pathways when they have met their qualifying requirements.7 A corollary of this recommendation is that prospective students should know what kind of employment recent program graduates have undertaken.
From page 33...
... 2. Program Characteristics Questions in this category address the kinds of professional skills in which the student received instruction (e.g., presentation skills, proposal writing, preparing articles for publication, working in teams, independent research, project management, professional ethics, and speaking to nonacademic audiences)
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... Whether a program collects such data is evidence of good practice. Thus, the Committee recommends: Recommendation 5.1: The proposed NRC study of research-doctorate programs should conduct a survey of enrolled students in selected fields who have advanced to candidacy for the doctoral degree regarding their assessment of their educational experience, their research productivity, program practices, and institutional and program environment.

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