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7. General Conclusions and Recommendations
Pages 61-64

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From page 61...
... For most programs, it maintained continuity with the NRC study carried out 10 years earlier. Finally, it should be noted that the study was a useful tool for doctoral programs to improve themselves and hence to 61 improve doctoral education.
From page 62...
... The Committee believes that Web-based data gathering should be a part of the next study and suggests the establishment of an updateable database on graduate programs. Further, once a statistical analysis of the relationship between quantitative measures and the reputational measure has been conducted for each field, it will be possible to construct a "synthetic reputational measure," constructed under the assumption that the parameters that relate the quantitative measures to reputation have held steady over time, but that the values themselves have changed.
From page 63...
... The education of doctoral students for a wide range of employment beyond that in academia has become an object of growing attention in the educational policy community and among the students themselves. In addition to collecting data on educational practices and resources, the Committee proposes that the next NRC study collect data from advanced-to-candidacy students in a small number of fields in order to assesses their educational experiences, their research productivity, program practices, and institutional 63 and program environments.
From page 64...
... Furthermore, a Web-based release makes it possible to provide analytical tools to users so that they can compose and rate programs using a la carte quantitative weights of their own choosing. The Committee believes strongly that publication of the data alone, without an exploration of its strengths and limitations, should not happen again.

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