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Appendix B: Program-Initiation Consultation with Organizations
Pages 79-82

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From page 79...
... Appendix B Program-lnitiation Consultation with Organizations GROUPS CONSULTED IN CONNECTION WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE PROPOSAL TO CONDUCT A METHODOLOGY STUDY FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF RESEARCH-DOCTORATE PROGRAMS American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Association of American Universities: Conference of Southern Graduates Schools Council of Graduate Schools: National Academy of Sciences: National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges: Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools U.S. Department of Education Campus visits: Metrics in the Humanities Project Meetings of Chief Academic Officers, Arts and Sciences Deans Annual Meeting Regional members meetings, chemistry section meeting, Committee on Science Engineering and Public Policy, Commission on the Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education Committee on Research Policy and Graduate Education Leadership Summit on Diversity in Doctoral Education University of California, Berkeley University of California, Davis Purdue University Virginia Polytechnic Institution and State University 79
From page 80...
... 80 Professional Societies: APPENDIX B American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education American Academy of Religion American Society for Microbiology American Institute of Physics American Chemical Society American Society for Nutritional Sciences American Mathematical Society American Society for Engineering Education Association of American Medical Colleges Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology National Association of Graduate and Professional Students Council of Communications Associations University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
From page 81...
... Comm. Chair John Crum, Executive Director Ronnie Wilkins, Executive Director John Siegfried, Secretary Treasurer Stephen O'Brien, Editor Anita Jones, Executive Director Richard O' Grady, Executive Director Jill Clawson, Executive Director Marc Brodsky, Executive Director John Ewing, Executive Director Ronald McPherson, Executive Director Robert Judd, Executive Director Harry Bradley, Executive Director John Gans, Executive Director Adam Blistein, Executive Director Mary Dunn, Executive Director Judy Franz, Executive Director Michael Brintnall, Executive Director Raymond Fowler, Executive Director Alan Kraut, Executive Director Curtis Carter, Executive Director Charles Hancock, Executive Director Michael Neff, Executive Director Richard Hill, Executive Director Mark Sobel, Executive Director Michael Goldberg, Executive Director Richard Allison, Executive Director Judy Wilmeth, Record Keeper Luther Smith, Executive Director Ellen G

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