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Appendix D: Clinical Domains for Patient Safety
Pages 427-429

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From page 427...
... Departmental risk factors (e.g., delays in the emergency room) Clinical data measures for health conditions Medications including: Alternative medicines Clinical drugs Nutritional supplements Warnings Vitamins 427
From page 428...
... 428 PATIENT SAFETY Consolidated Health Informatics Initiative Additional Domains Clinical Domain Areas for Patient Safety Allergic reactions Over-the-counter medications Adverse drug events (ADE) Previous known adverse drug reactions Triggers Medication orders Drug interactions Patient-specific drug dosing Diagnosis-specific drug indications Diagnosis-specific drug contraindications Text-based reports including: Clinical template Clinical document architecture Clinical document naming History and physical including: Nutritional status History Discharge or treatment plan Vital signs Determinants for genetic testing/screening Anatomy of family-related diseases Exam findings Functional status Immunizations Provider information Training level, cultural factors, speaking language, health Population health including: Near misses Nosocomial infections reporting Patient complaints Reportable infections reporting Readmission indicators Other reportable conditions Performance measurement Hospital errors other than ADE Causal factors Emergency room trauma reporting Malpractice claims Other national health statistics Risk management reports Potential adverse events assessment through electronic surveillance Genes and proteins Pharmacogenomic markers for drug response or drug complication Multimedia including but not limited to: Image Audio Waveforms
From page 429...
... Supplies including: Medical device simulations and testing Ontology for the ordering physician Medical devices Organizational process factors Organizational risk factors Hazard analysis Chemicals (Unified Medical Language System -- UMLS) Billing (Health Insurance Portability and Data from claims attachment Accountability Act, Administrative Simplification, Transactions and Code Sets)

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