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Scientific Research Has Revealed How the Hawaiian Islands Originated
Pages 5-9

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From page 5...
... Tuzo Wilson proposed a hypothesis to explain the archipelago's origins. He suggested that the islands formed as the crust of the Pacific Ocean floor moved over a source of heat positioned beneath the crust (see Figure 41.
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... Tuzo Wilson proposed that the Hawaiian islands formed when the crust of the Pacific Ocean floor moved over a source of heat arising from within the earth. (Diagram adapted from J
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... At: :~-~'~ 'my :~ (~ ~~. ~ :~-.-: : : ~ $ ~` ~ The Hawaiian islands formed as the Pacific Ocean floor moved over an underlying hot spot in the earths shown here by a dotted circle.
From page 8...
... This potassium decays at a known and constant rate into argon, and the argon remains trapped in the rock. To determine the age of a volcanic rock, scientists can measure the amount of argon and the amount of radioactive potassium in the rock.
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... Wherever plates meet or slide against each other at the San Andreas Fault in California, for example earthquake activity can be particularly intense. This theory of plate tectonics accounts for many previously unexplained geological features.

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