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Appendix B: Questionnaire Items on the 2000 and 1990 Censuses and Census 2000 Supplementary Survey
Pages 375-378

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From page 375...
... Yes (no option for multiple races) Yes 375 Yes Yes Yes Yes (question preceded race)
From page 376...
... Place of birth Yes Yes Citizenship Yes Yes Year of immigration Yes Yes Language spoken at home Yes Yes How well English spoken Yes Yes Ancestry Yes Yes Veteran status/period of Yes Yes service Years of military service Yes Yes Work disability Yes Yes Disabled for going outside the Yes Yes home alone Disabled for taking care of Yes Yes personal needs Other disabilities (involving No Yes eyes, ears, cognition, physical activity) Place of residence 5 years ago Yes Yes (1 year ago)
From page 377...
... Mortgage payment (and whether includes taxes, insurance) Homeowners insurance Yes Yes Yes (short form)
From page 378...
... Long Form Condominium/mobile home Yes fee Number automo biles/vans/trucks Yes Yes Yes NOTES: The 2000 census, the 1990 census, and the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey provided room on the mailback questionnaire for characteristics of up to six, seven, and five household members, respectively. Section I.3 provides additional detail on the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey.

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