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Appendix L: Acknowledgments
Pages 569-571

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From page 569...
... The panel and committee members, as well as the FNB staff, thank the following named (as well as unnamed) individuals and organizations: INDIVIDUALS Robert Carter Richard Hanneman Ronni Chernoff Micah Leshem David Cole Sandy Logan John Greenleaf David McCarron Diederick Grobbee Suzanne Oparil 569
From page 570...
... Coulston Valerie Tarasuk FEDERAL ADVISORY STEERING COMMITTEE Margaret Cheney Jean Lloyd Paul Coates Cay Loria Rebecca Costello Mel Mathias Darla Danford Kathryn McMurry (chair) Joyce Donahue John Milner Peter Fischer Kelley Schanlon Elizabeth Frazao Anita Singh Karl Friedl Pamela Starke-Reed Jay Hirschman Christine Taylor Van Hubbard Wayne Wolf Clifford L
From page 571...
... 571 APPENDIX L Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences Center for Science in the Public Interest ENVIRON International Federation for American Scientists for Experimental Biology International Food Information Council International Life Sciences Institute International Life Sciences Institute, North America International Society for Food Technologists Iowa State University, Department of Statistics The Salt Institute University of Minnesota, Nutrition Coordinating Center

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