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Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 329-333

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From page 329...
... Acronyms and Abbreviations ACAME an association of francophone West African countries' central medical stores ACSI-CCCD Africa Child Survival Initiative -- Combating Childhood Communicable Diseases Project ACT artemisinin combination therapy ACTMalaria Asian Collaborative Training Network for Malaria AL artemether-lumefantrine A+M artesunate plus mefloquine AMI Amazon Malaria Initiative APLs adaptable program loans AQ amodiaquine AS artesunate ATM artemether ATS artemisinin AUC area under the curve BOMA Burden of Malaria in Africa Bsph Bacillus sphaericus Bti Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis CHAZ Churches Health Association of Zambia CIF cost, insurance, freight CMH Commission on Macroeconomics and Health CMS Central Medical Stores (Cambodia)
From page 330...
... GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization GDF TB Global Drug Facility GDP gross domestic product GFATM Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria GMR a private South African company that manages medical stores GNI gross national income GSK GlaxoSmithKline
From page 331...
... net kdr knock down resistance LICUS low income countries under stress MARA Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa MDA mass drug administration MDGs Millennium Development Goals MDR multidrug resistance MEWS malaria early warning system MIC minimum inhibitory concentration MIM Multilateral Initiative on Malaria MMSS Malaria Medicines and Supplies Service MMV Medicines for Malaria Venture MoH Ministry of Health MPC minimum parasiticidal concentration MQ mefloquine MSH Management Sciences for Health MSL Medical Stores Ltd. MSP-1 merozoite surface protein-1 MTCT maternal to child transmission MVI Malaria Vaccine Initiative NGO nongovernmental organization NIH National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
From page 332...
... RBC red blood cell RBM Roll Back Malaria RDT rapid diagnostic test RNA ribonucleic acid RTS,S a recombinant protein vaccine which pairs hepatitis B surface antigen with DNA encoding a large portion of P falciparum circumsporozoite protein SACs structural adjustment credits SADCC Southern African Development Coordination Conference SALs structural adjusted loans SEACAT South East African Combination Antimalarial Therapy [Evaluation]
From page 333...
... S Agency for International Development USAMRMC United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command VA verbal autopsy VAT value added tax VLSS Vietnam Living Standards Surveys WANMAT West African Networks for Monitoring Antimalarial Treatments WHO World Health Organization WHOPES WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research ZK Zambia Kwacha (currency)

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