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Appendix E Biographies of Authors
Pages 199-204

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From page 199...
... Prior to pining the faculty of the Sloan School m 1983, he taught m the psychology departments of Camegie-Mellon University md Loyola University of Chicago md was a visiting associate professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago. Professor Carroll has published four books and 199
From page 200...
... , a comprehensive guide to root-cause analysis, md editor of "The Firebird Forum," m electromc newsletter on root-cause organizational teaming. He has served on more than a dozen off-site safety review committees for nuclear plants and charred the Americ m Nuclear Society Nuclear Reactor Safety Division.
From page 201...
... Repo ting directly to the FAA administrator, the Office of System Safety provides data, analytical tools and processes, safety risk assessments, and other assistance to support numerous FAA and worldwide aviation safety programs; spearheads industrywide safety activities, such as the Global Aviation Infommation Network (GAIN) ; and helps identify key safety issues and emergulg trends that affect aviation safety.
From page 202...
... Her prima y areas of teaching and research are engineering risk analysis and risk management, decision analysis, and engineering economy. Her recent research has focused on the inclusion of organizational factors in probabilistic risk analysis models with application to the management of the protective tiles on the space shuttle, offshore platfonns, and anesthesia during surgery.
From page 203...
... Tjerk van der Schaaf has been m associate professor of human factors in risk control, Faculty Technology Management, Department of Hu nan Performance Mamagement, Emdhoven University of Technology, for the past seven years. He has also been coordinator, Eindhoven Safety M magement Group; assistant professor of hu nag er or and industrial safety; and researcher in the Psychology Department, TNO-lustitute of Hunall Factors, Soesterberg, The Netherlands.

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