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Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Contributors
Pages 239-244

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From page 239...
... Bain is assistant professor in the school of education at the University of Michigan. He teaches social studies education and investigates history education, the intersection between the disciplines and social studies instruction, and professional development.
From page 240...
... Cartier is an assistant professor in the Department of Instruc tion and Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests in clude student learning in classrooms where modeling is a focus and teacher education -- particularly the ways in which hands-on curriculum materials can be implemented to engage elementary school students in realistic scien tific practices.
From page 241...
... After teaching high school mathematics to Chicago inner-city African-American students for 3 years, she began research to ascertain how to help all students enter high school with more knowledge of mathematics. She has conducted extensive research regarding children's learning of mathematical concepts from ages 2 through 12, focusing in on the development of effective teaching and learning materials, including the "Children's Math World's K through 5" curriculum, supporting effective learning for children from various backgrounds, and ambitious accessible learning paths through school mathematics.
From page 242...
... . Publica tions of Magnusson's work have appeared in the Journal of the Learning Sciences, Teaching and Teacher Education, the Journal of Science Educa tion and Technology, and Learning Disabilities Quarterly, as well as a num ber of books such as Science Teacher Knowledge, Cognition and Instruc tion: Twenty-five Years of Progress, and Translating Educational Theory into Practice.
From page 243...
... Her work in professional development includes preservice training, as well as coordination of learning opportunities with novice elementary school mathematics teachers using a Japanese lesson study approach. She has published widely and is an author of a mathematics textbook series.
From page 244...
... She was a history and mathematics teacher for 6 years; directed the Teacher Assessment Project at Stanford University; taught third-grade social studies in a professional development school; and has directed sev eral research projects exploring the relationship of teachers' practice to cur riculum mandates. Wilson teaches prospective and practicing teachers, as well as prospective teacher educators and researchers.

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