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From page 81...
... . Rtmurks Presente~l to the Nationa Reseanh Counci Committee on Research in E`lucation Workshop on Peer Review of E`lucation Research Grant Applications, Pebruary 26, Washington, DC.
From page 82...
... Rtmt ~k . Presented to dhe Nationa Resea ch Council Committee on Rseanch in Education Workshop on Ramlomized Pidd Tna s in Education: Impke
From page 83...
... . S m Prancisco: Jossey Bass.
From page 84...
... Nationa Research CounciL (2004a)
From page 85...
... Rtmtrks. Presente~l to the National Research Council Committee on Research in E`lucation Workshop on a Nationa Conversation About Doctora Programs for Puture Lea~lers in E`lucation Research, November 12, Washington, DC Transcript available: http://www7.nationa Ramlenb ush_Remarks_Research.html.
From page 86...
... . Rtmark Pracnted to the Nationa Reseatch Council Committee on Reseatch in Edua tion Workshop on a Nationa Conversation About Doctora Pmgrams for Future Leaders in Education Research, November 12, Waahington, DC.

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