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Appendix D: Definitions of Experimentation Terms Used in Report
Pages 233-238

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From page 233...
... enhanced military operational capability or cost-effectiveness, and to reduce technical risks and uncertainties at the relatively low costs of informal processes. ATDs are funded with Advanced Technology Development (ATD)
From page 234...
... verify status of technical progress, verify that design risks are minimized, substantiate achievement of contract technical performance, and certify readiness for initial operational testing. Development tests generally require instrumentation and measurements and are accomplished by engineers, tech nicians, or soldier operator-maintainer test personnel in a controlled environment to facilitate failure analysis.
From page 235...
... . Experimentation An experimentation campaign is a planned and cohesive campaign multi-year program of experimentation built upon a series of experiments and related activities to develop the knowledge needed to inform major decisions about future forces, explore the viability of potential or planned changes to forces or their capabilities, and/or confirm that planned capability develop ment and directions will perform as expected.
From page 236...
... joint warfighting concept elements to ascertain whether elements of a joint warfighting concept cause changes in military effectiveness. Joint A team of warfighting and functional area experts from the Warfighting Joint Staff, unified commands, Services, Office of the Capabilities Secretary of Defense, and Defense agencies tasked by the Assessment Joint Requirements Oversight Council with completing assessments and providing military recommendations to improve joint warfighting capabilities.
From page 237...
... Simulation may include the use of analog or digital devices, laboratory models, or "testbed" sites. Simulations are usually programmed for solution on a computer; however, in the broadest sense, military exercises, and war games are also simulations.
From page 238...
... War game A simulation, by whatever means, of a military operation involving two or more opposing forces using rules, data, and procedures designed to depict an actual or assumed real life situation. (Joint Publication 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 12 April 2001 (as amended through 25 September 2002)

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