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Appendix C Workshop Participants
Pages 103-108

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From page 103...
... Rhode Island Department of Veronica Blette Health U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Margaret Conomos U.S.
From page 104...
... Environmental Protection Agency Agency Colin Crawford Rick Gelting Georgia State University Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jonathan Deason George Washington University Mark Gibson National Academy of Sciences Daniel Deely U.S. Agency for International Marilyn Ginsberg Development U.S.
From page 105...
... Geological Survey Agency Joylene John Anita Makri Maryland Department of Health George Washington University and Mental Hygiene Sylvia Malm Peter Jutro U.S. Environmental Protection Marcia Marks Agency Rose Matulionis Charles Kovatch Directors of Health Promotion U.S.
From page 106...
... Environmental Protection Will Pettit Agency Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies Regan Murray U.S. Environmental Protection Melanie Pickett Agency National Center for Health Statistics Mike Muse Lisa Ragain Diana Neidle George Washington University Consumer Federation of America Stig Regli Jennifer Nuzzo Susan Rezai Johns Hopkins Center for Centers for Disease Control and Civilian Biodefense Strategies Prevention Tara O'Brien April Richards U.S.
From page 107...
... Environmental Protection Agency David Sheridan David L Sheridan, PC Prem Sarin George Washington University Roy Simon School of Public Health U.S.
From page 108...
... Geological Survey and City Health Officials Franceska Wilde Jane Lee Valentine U.S. Geological Survey University of California, Los Angeles G

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