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Remarks and Charge to Participants
Pages 7-10

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From page 7...
... It has become apparent that along with success in managing point sources of pollution through federal technologybased treatment requirements and implementation of permitting programs, we now face the fact that a greater proportion of the impairment to our surface and groundwaters stems from nonpoint sources. Land-use and water quality issues are inextricably linked.
From page 8...
... There is growing concern about an imminent crisis regarding the physical infrastructure of our water supply and wastewater management systems. Various estimates identify enormous gaps between current levels of expenditure to replace and upgrade that infrastructure and the amount needed simply to address issues of growth, deterioration because of age and wear, and heightened environmental standards.
From page 9...
... In some parts of the United States and certainly large parts of the world, the availability of safe water has become a fundamental concern. As systems become stressed in trying to provide adequate supplies of water, we will have to consider various measures for providing additional water -- likely at great expense -- as well as look very hard at opportunities for water conservation.

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