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Appendix F Committee Interviews with Administrators, Scholars, and Center Directors
Pages 281-286

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From page 281...
... Creativity Interdisciplinarity: Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching Among College and University Faculty. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.
From page 282...
... Julie Thompson Klein, professor of humanities, Wayne State University IDR PROGRAMS AND CENTERS IDR program and center directors were asked to discuss their experience in IDR, evaluating prospective researchers, accessing funding, facilitating IDR, determining research goals and duration, evaluating the success of the research team, and publishing research results. We also asked for examples of models and effective practices.
From page 283...
... Interdisciplinary problem-based approaches to learning were seen as a way to encourage more students to take science classes and to prepare students for a variety of careers. We contacted · Gerry Wheeler, executive director, National Science Teachers Association, Re: ExploraVision, · #Wyn Jennings, director, IGERT Program, Division of Graduate Education, National Science Foundation, prgm/igert/start.htm · Ed Miles, former chair, Task Force on Environmental Education, and professor, School of Marine Affairs, Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington,
From page 284...
... There was agreement that more work was needed to develop specific criteria and measures for IDR. We contacted · #Irwin Feller, professor emeritus of economics, Pennsylvania State University · Diana Rhoten, Helen Doyle, and Denise Caruso, Hybrid Vigor Institute, · Barry Bozeman, Regents' Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology · Ed Hackett, professor, Department of Sociology, Arizona State University · Marye Anne Carroll, director, Biosphere-Atmosphere Research and Training (BART)
From page 285...
... We contacted · National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Research Business Models, Committee on Science, Office of Science and Technology Policy · June Howard, associate dean for interdisciplinary initiatives, University of Michigan · Cornelius Sullivan, vice provost for research, University of Southern California · Maria Pallavicini, professor and dean, School of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced IDR IN INDUSTRY AND NATIONAL LABORATORIES Directors and researchers were asked about the importance of IDR in industry and national labs. Specifically, what actions were taken to facilitate IDR?
From page 286...
... Stone, David Morrisroe Professor of Physics; Vice Provost for Special Projects; former Vice President and Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1991-2001)

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