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Appendix B: Briefings to the Committee
Pages 112-115

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From page 112...
... and RtF Task Group Member Findings and Recommendations of the HST-JWST Transition Team John N Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study and HST-JWST Transition Team Chair JUNE 2, 2004 Status of Hubble Spacecraft Edward Ruitberg, HST Deputy Program Manager, GSFC Keith Kalinowski, HST Systems Manager, GSFC Hubble Ground Operations and Science Impact Rodger Doxsey, Space Telescope Science Institute 112
From page 113...
... Weiss, HST Deputy Program Manager/Technical, GSFC Video of Mission Scenario Jill M Holz, GSFC James E
From page 114...
... Michael Moore, HST Program Executive, NASA Headquarters JULY 13, 2004 HST Lifetimes: Fine Guidance Sensors, Reaction Wheels Keith Kalinowski, HST Systems Manager, GSFC Update on HST Batteries Keith Kalinowski, HST Systems Manager, GSFC Steven Gentz, NESC HST Battery Panel Chair Orbital Express James Shoemaker, DARPA Program Manager, Orbital Express AUGUST 23, 2004 Status of NASA's Robotic Servicing Evaluation Al V Diaz, Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate AUGUST 24, 2004 Perspectives on Hubble Servicing Bruce McCandless II, U.S.
From page 115...
... APPENDIX B 115 Hubble Servicing Options Report Briefing Aerospace Corporation representatives NASA Origins Probe Studies Jennifer Wiseman, Hubble Program Scientist, NASA Headquarters

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