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Appendix E: Acronyms
Pages 130-133

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From page 130...
... E Acronyms 2MASS Two Micron All Sky Survey ACS Advanced Camera for Surveys ALMA Atacama Large Millimeter Array AO adaptive optics ASCS Aft Shroud Cooling System C&DH command and data handling CAD computer-assisted design CAIB Columbia Accident Investigation Board CCD charge-coupled device COS Cosmic Origins Spectrograph COSTAR Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement CSCS Contingency Shuttle Crew Support DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DBA diode box assembly DIU data interface unit DM de-orbit module DMU data management unit DR dexterous robot DSC DMU to SI C&DH cross-strap ECU electronic control unit EDO Extended Duration Orbiter EM ejection module 130
From page 131...
... APPENDIX E 131 ESA European Space Agency ESM Electronic Support Module ESTR Engineering Science Tape Recorder ET external tank ETS Engineering Test Satellite EVA extravehicular activity FGS fine-guidance sensor FOC Faint Object Camera FOS Faint Object Spectrograph FUSE Far-Ultraviolet Spectrographic Explorer GA grapple arm GALEX Galaxy Evolution Explorer GHRS Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph GN&C guidance, navigation, and control GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center HRSDM Hubble Robotic Servicing and Disposal Mission HRV Hubble Rescue Vehicle HST Hubble Space Telescope INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite IR infrared ISS International Space Station ITVC integrated television camera JDEM Joint Dark Energy Mission JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory JSC Johnson Space Center JWST James Webb Space Telescope KSC Kennedy Space Center LED light-emitting diode LF logistics flight LMSC Lockheed Missiles and Space Company MER Mars Exploratory Rover MLI multi-layer insulation MMOD micro-meteoroid orbital debris MSFC Marshall Space Flight Center MSS Magnetic Sensing System MTBF mean time before failure MTTF mean time to failure
From page 132...
... 132 ASSESSMENT OF OPTIONS FOR EXTENDING THE LIFE OF THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan NCC NICMOS cryocooler NCS NICMOS cooling system NIC Near-Infrared Camera NIC3 lowest-resolution mode of NICMOS NICMOS Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer NOBL New Outer Blanket Layer NRC National Research Council OBSS orbiter boom sensor system OCEK Optical Control Electronics Enhancement Kit OTA Optical Telescope Assembly OV orbiter vehicle PCU power control unit PDR preliminary design review PRA probabilistic risk assessment PRT power ratchet tool RCC reinforced carbon-carbon RFI radio frequency interference RM robotic module RMS remote manipulator system RSU rate sensor unit RTF return to flight RWA reaction wheel assembly SA solar array SADE solar array drive electronics SI scientific instrument SM servicing mission SMM Solar Maximum Mission SNAP Super Nova Acceleration Probe SOC state of charge SPATEL space telescope reliability model SPDM special purpose dexterous manipulator system SRMS shuttle remote manipulator system SSAT S-band single-axis transmitter SSR solid-state recorder STIS Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph STS Space Transportation System STScI Space Telescope Science Institute SYNCOM geosynchronous communications satellite
From page 133...
... WESTAR communications satellite originally built by Western Union WFC3 Wide-field Camera 3 WFPC Wide Field Planetary Camera XSS-11 experimental satellite system (for USAF)

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