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... 12 1 INTRODUCTION The 1991 Persian Gulf War was considered a brief and successful military operation with few injuries and deaths among coalition forces. The returning veterans, however, soon began reporting numerous health problems that they believed to be associated with their service in the gulf.
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... INTRODUCTION 13 BOX 1.1 Agents Specified in PL 105-368 and PL 105-277 (A) The following organophosphorous pesticides: (i)
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... 14 GULF WAR AND HEALTH 2001; Unwin et al.
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... INTRODUCTION 15 between illness and each agent, hazard, or medicine or vaccine to the extent that available scientific data permit meaningful determinations: (A) whether a statistical association exists between exposure to the agent, hazard, or medicine or vaccine and the illness, taking into account the strength of the scientific evidence and the appropriateness of the scientific methodology used to detect the association; (B)
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... 16 GULF WAR AND HEALTH would have reviewed studies of Gulf War veterans. However, many of the Gulf War veteran studies were hampered by poor measures of exposure to the putative agents, used questionnaires to identify illnesses and exposure to the agents of concern, or did not include outcomes measured with actual clinical examinations or laboratory tests.
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... INTRODUCTION 17 Additionally, Chapter 9 discusses how veterans might have been exposed to those propellants and presents an overview of the their toxicology. Appendix A provides the conclusions from the first two Gulf War reports.

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