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10 Conclusion
Pages 278-282

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From page 278...
... Insurance coverage of CAM therapies is increasing and integrative medicine centers and clinics are being established. What do patients and health professionals need to know to make good decisions about the use of health care interventions, including CAM?
From page 279...
... The widespread use of CAM therapies has implications not only for research but also for the education of conventional health care profession
From page 280...
... Although the content and organization of an individual educational program on CAM will vary from institution to institution, it is important for the health care professions schools to incorporate sufficient information about CAM into their curricula to enable licensed health care professionals to competently advise their patients about CAM. Furthermore, advances in understanding and applying CAM that derive from basic or clinical research should be incorporated into the preprofessional and continuing education programs of all relevant health professionals.
From page 281...
... 2002. Utilization of complementary and alternative medicine by United States adults: Results from the 1999 National Health Interview Survey.

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