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From page 56...
... Ptesentation to the National Research Council's Committee on Oppottonities fot Acceletatng Characterization and Tteatment of Waste at DOE Nucicat Weapons Sites, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Match 8. Connet' Jesse R
From page 57...
... 2002. Adaptive Samping and Analysis Ptog ams Demonsttate Value of "Ttiad Appt oach" fat Contaminated Soil Sites.
From page 58...
... 2004. Per coal Commonicahon f om Mate Itaiano, Depattment of Enetgy Catlsbad, New Mexico, Field Office to John Wiley, National Academies' Board on Radioactive Waste Management, July 1.
From page 59...
... Ptesented to the National Reseatch Council's Committee on Imptoving the Scientific Basis fat Managing Nocleat Matetials and Spent Nocleat Foel th oogh the Envi onmental Management Science Ptog am. Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
From page 60...
... 1993. Compacted Soil Barriers at Abandoned Landfill Sites ate Likely to Fail in the Long-Term, Journal of Envitonmental Qua ity, Vol.

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