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Appendix A: Presentations to the Committee
Pages 61-64

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... , Kathleen Hain, DOE Idaho Operations Office (DOE-ID) ' Oak Ridge Environmental Management Program Overview, Mildred Ferre, DOE Oak Ridge Operations Office (DOE-OR)
From page 62...
... and Oak Ridge City Council; Norman Mulvenon, LOC Citizens' Advisory Panel, ORSSAB and Stewardship Committee; Bill Pardue and Lorene Sigal, Stewardship Committee; and Ellen Smith, Oak Ridge Environmental Quality Advisory Board and LOC Roundtable Discussion: New Technology Opportunities for DOE Waste Characterization and Treatment, Elizabeth Phillips, DOE-OR; Paula Kirk, Bechtel Jacobs Co.; and Tom Early, University of TennesseeBattelle Tour of the Oak Ridge Reservation Augusta, Georgia, January 22-23, 2004 Savannah River Site (SRS) Overview, Rick Ford, DOE-SR Accelerating EM Cleanup, Charles Anderson, DOE-SR Nuclear Materials to Disposition, Kevin Hall, DOE-SR SRS Facilities Deactivation and Decommissioning Scope, Alice Doswell, DOE-SR Closure of Waste Sites, Alice Doswell, DOE-SR Integrated Regulatory Strategy, Alice Doswell, DOE-SR Waste Disposition Project, Doug Hintze, DOE-SR SRS Transuranic (TRU)
From page 63...
... , William Leake, DOE-ID Radioactive Waste Management Complex Review, Herbert Bohrer, DOE-ID Environmental Science and Technology Roundtable, William Owca, DOEID; Russel Hertzog, James Herzog, Robert Lenhard, Paul Meakin, Gregory Storrnberg, Kevin Kostelnik, Melinda Hamilton, Fredrick Colwell, Matt Anderson, Roger Mayes, Jay Roach, Nicholas Soelberg, INEEL Public Comments, David Kipping, Willie Preacher, Beatrice Brailsford Tour of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Richland, Washington, Marcb 10-11, 2004 Hanford Cleanup Overview, Keith Klein, DOE-RL Hanford Project Management Plan Update and Projectization, Jeff Frey, DOE-RL Of rice of River Protection (ORP) , Steve Wiegman, DOE-ORP Accelerate Stabilization and Deinventory of Nuclear Materials at the Plutonium Finishing Plant, Suzanne Clarke, DOE-RL Accelerating Waste Disposal, Mark French, DOE-RL Accelerate Central Plateau Cleanup, Larry Romine, DOE-RL Impacts of Residual Radioactive Waste on Hanford Groundwater, Michael Thompson, DOE-RL EM Corporate Project Team: Disposing Waste, Reducing Risk, Todd Shrader, DOE-ORP Public Comments, John Price Tour of the Hanford Site
From page 64...
... http.//www7.nationalacad emies. org/brwin/

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