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Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members
Pages 65-69

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From page 65...
... His technical experience includes work related to nuclear safety, fuel cycle, water reactors, advanced reactors, and remote control. His professional experience includes research and operations positions at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Argonne National Laboratory, EPRI (formerly the Electric Power Research institute)
From page 66...
... Dr. Atkins-Duffin's honors include the Chemistry and Materials Science Directorate Award, 2001; the Energy Directorate Award, 2000; and the American institute of Chemists Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in Chemistry.
From page 67...
... He is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of American Military Engineers. He has served on numerous committees at the National Academies including the Board on infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, the Committee to Assess the Policies and Practices of the DOE to Design, Manage, and Procure Environmental Restoration, Waste Management, and Other Construction Projects; he was principal investigator for the Project on Assessing the Need for independent Review of DOE Projects; and he chaired the Committee on Long-Term Research Needs for Managing Transuranic and Mixed Wastes at DOE Sites.
From page 68...
... His work includes environmental waste management programs such as remediation of mine lands by the use of industrial by-products, focusing on large-volume usage of fly-ash-based cementitious grouts. Other programs include developments of radioactive waste forms based on vitrifiable hydroceramics and sodium zirconium phosphate structures.
From page 69...
... He is a fellow of the American Nuclear Society and the American institute of Chemists, and has received the American institute of Chemical Engineers' Robert E Wilson Award in Nuclear Chemical Engineering and the American Nuclear Society's Special Award for Outstanding Work on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

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