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Appendix C Workshop Participants
Pages 66-72

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From page 66...
... Appendix C Workshop Participants Dori Ackerman Anne Bailewitz GRS Baltimore City Health Department Holly Adams Barbara Bailey Eastern Correctional Institute Isha Bangura Stephen Ambrose NASA Lauren Barsky Disaster Research Center, University Thomas L Anderson of Delaware Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Samuel Benson Research, SUNY at Buffalo, NYC Office of Emergency Management Linda Arapian Children's National Medical Center Frank Best Stacey Arnesen Benita Boyer National Library of Medicine Loudoun Health District/VDH Joan Aron Nicole Brown Science Communication Studies Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene John Babb Office of the Surgeon General Michael Bryce Department of Health and Human Alina Baciu Services Institute of Medicine 66
From page 67...
... General Accounting Office Timothy Foresman International Center for Remote John Clizbe Sensing Education City of Alexandria Margaret Fowke Kristin Cormier Robinson National Weather Service National Emergency Management Association Erin Fowler Department of Health and Human William Cumming Services Vacation Lane Group Leslie Friedlander Tom Davy Immigration and Customs Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Enforcement (ICE) Daniel Dodgen Kenneth Friedman U.S.
From page 68...
... NORTHCOM Mary Gunnels National Highway Traffic Safety Kristi Koenig Administration, USDOT Office of Public Health and Environ mental Hazards Dan Hanfling Inova Health System Elissa Laitin Arlington County Public Health John Hicks Federal Drug Administration Elizabeth Lemersal Federal Emergency Management John Hoyt Agency Department of Homeland Security Edward Lennard Kathi Huddleston BlueCross BlueShield Association George Mason University Shulamit Lewin Chip Hughes International Center to Heal Our National Institute of Environmental Children Health Sciences Cynthiana Lightfoot Barbara Jasny The Washington DC EMS Association Science/AAAS Sarah Lister Jeanette Jenkins Congressional Research Service Community Health Administration
From page 69...
... Army Research Institute of Medi- University of Delaware cal Research (USAMRICD) Jennifer Nuzzo Lisa May Center for Biosecurity, University of Emergency Preparedness & Response Pittsburgh Medical Center Ruth McDonald Daniel O'Brien Office of the Attorney General Tom McGinn Department of Health and Human Ser- Sean O'Donnell vices Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Carolyn McMahon Atmospheric Policy Program Michele Orza U.S.
From page 70...
... Environmental Protection Kurt Seetoo Agency Prince George's County Health Department Richard Sylves University of Delaware E Marie Simpson Anne Arundel County Department of Nate Szejniuk Health University of North Carolina Health Care System Christa-Marie Singleton Baltimore City Health Department Astrid Szeto Food and DrugDrug Administration Adrienne Smith Child and Adult Neurology Judith Theodori Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Danielle Smith Laboratory National Research Council
From page 71...
... APPENDIX C 71 Craig Thorne Megan Weil University of Maryland School of Association of State and Territorial Medicine Health Officials Joe Trainor William Whilden Disaster Research Center, University Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Delaware Pai-Yei Whung Susan Tubbesing National Oceanic and Atmospheric Earthquake Engineering Research Administration Institute Tyduyen Wilson Firoz Verjee U.S. Army Center for Health Focus Humanitarian Assistance Promotion and Preventive Medicine Jeanne Walters Joint Task Force -- Civil Support, Helen Wood USNORTHCOM Satellites and Information Services Marion Warwick Bill Woodward The MITRE Corporation Carroll County Health Department Jacqueline Watson Kevin Yeskey Health Concepts International, LLC Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine

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