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6 Occupational Health and Safety Programs
Pages 71-76

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From page 71...
... The risks posed by the absence of a comprehensive and effective health and safety program are unacceptable. Evaluations of effective organizations find that exemplary workplaces have common characteristics and similar approaches to OHS programs, including the use of organized and systematic methods (OSHA, 1989)
From page 72...
... · Encourages employee involvement in inspection, hazard analysis, work rules, training, and accident investigation. · Provides adequate authority and resources to responsible parties.
From page 73...
... Organizationally, the safety department appears to be positioned appropriately within the management structure as the safety officer reports to the assistant zoo director and attends weekly senior management staff meetings held by the zoo's director. The Smithsonian Office of Environmental Safety and Health provides audit and oversight functions for the zoo's safety program through periodic inspections of the zoo's safety program and procedures.
From page 74...
... Progress has been made in establishing the necessary programs for ensuring a comprehensive employee and public safety program; however, there are still problems with enforcement of safety policies within some areas of the zoo. Occupational Health Program The zoo operates a health clinic that supports the zoo staff; although not specifically designed for visitors, the clinic also serves the public as necessary (personal communication, S
From page 75...
... · Formal written policies pertaining to good safety practice should be enforced and senior management should ensure inclusion of OHS training in a comprehensive training program for animal care staff.
From page 76...
... 76 ANIMAL CARE AND MANAGEMENT AT THE NATIONAL ZOO: FINAL REPORT · Safety department staff trained in occupational health and infectious disease should determine the testing and immunization requirements for zoo employees based on a hazard and exposure assessment developed with input from unit supervisors.. · The Smithsonian Institution must correct the deficiencies in the health clinic facilities at the Rock Creek Park facility.

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