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Appendix C Information-Gathering Meetings
Pages 199-204

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... , study sponsor, Patrice Bubar, Associate Dep uty Assistant Secretary for Integration and Disposition · DOE-EM Corporate Project on Risk-Based End States, David Geiser, Director, Office of Long-Term Stewardship · U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Risk in EPA Regula tions, Betsy Forinash, Office of Radiation · HLW and TRU Issues at Hanford: How We Got Where We Are Today (videoconference)
From page 200...
... · Treatment and Disposal Options for Calcine HLW, Greg Duggan, DOE-ID · Discussion of Risks, Costs, and Schedules for SBW, and Calcine Treatment, and Disposal, Richard Kimmel, DOE-ID · HLW Tank Closure Planning, Keith Lockie, DOE-ID Transuranic (TRU) Waste Discussion · Origin of TRU Waste Located at INEEL, Jerry Wells, DOE-ID · Buried Waste, Jeff Perry, DOE-ID · Stored Remote Handled-TRU Waste, Tom Clements BBWI TRU Waste Management · Stored Contact-Handled TRU Waste, Brian Edgerton, DOE-ID · Regulatory Perspectives, Kathleen Trever, INEEL Oversight Board, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and Rick Poeten, U.S.
From page 201...
... C.3 MEETING 3: JANUARY 27-29, 2004, SAVANNAH RIVER SITE (SRS) , AUGUSTA, GA · Tour of LLW Disposal Area, TRU Waste Area, F Tank Farm, H Tank Farm, Defense Waste Processing Facility, Glass Waste Storage Building, and Saltstone Facility · Accelerating EM Cleanup at SRS, Doug Hintze, DOE Savannah River Operations Office (DOE-SR)
From page 202...
... · Hanford's RBES Vision, Shirley Olinger, Assistant Manager for Safety and Engineering, DOE-RL · Remarks from Entities with Consultation or Regulatory Status, Stuart Harris, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reser vation; Gabriel Bohnee, Nez Perce Tribe; John Price and Suz anne Dahl, Washington State Department of Ecology; Nick Ceto, Hanford Project Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10; and Dirk Dunning, Nuclear Safety Division, Oregon Department of Energy · Discussion of How Risk Factors into Planning for the U Plant Waste Sites, John Price and Suzanne Dahl, Washington State Department of Ecology; Nick Ceto, U.S.
From page 203...
... APPENDIX C 203 · Current Status and Understanding of Risk-Based End States Project, John Lehr, DOE-EM · Risk in Decision Making for a Model Comprehensive Environ mental Response Record of Decision, CERCLA ROD: MacKenzie Chemical Works Superfund Site in Central Islip, Suf folk County, New York, Charles Nace, U.S. Environmental Pro tection Agency Region 2

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