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Appendix D Glossary
Pages 205-210

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From page 205...
... BURIED TRU. Waste buried prior to compliance with the 1969 directive to store transuranic waste retrievably that nonetheless meets the definition of TRU waste.
From page 206...
... "(A) The highly radioactive waste material resulting from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, including liquid waste produced directly in reprocessing and any solid material derived from such liquid waste that contains fission products in sufficient concentrations; and (B)
From page 207...
... It includes estimates of the effects of uncertainties in data and modeling. In the context of radioactive waste, performance assessment is a systematic method for a repository risk assessment.
From page 208...
... RISK ANALYSIS. A detailed examination including risk assessment, risk characterization, risk communication, and risk management performed to understand the nature of unwanted, negative consequences to human life, health, property, or the environment (Society for Risk Analysis [SRS]
From page 209...
... has determined, with the concurrence of the Administrator [of the Environmental Protec tion Agency] , does not need the degree of isolation required by the disposal regulations; or · Waste that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved for disposal on a case-by-case basis in accordance with part 61 of ti tle 10, Code of Federal Regulations." (P.L.
From page 210...
... 210 RISK AND DECISIONS ABOUT TRU AND HLW VADOSE ZONE. The zone between the earth's surface and the top of the water table, also called the unsaturated zone.

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