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Appendix F Summary of Public Submissions
Pages 127-131

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From page 127...
... 1) Personal Statements The committee received many statements from the public that described their views on the Vaccine Safety Datalink data sharing program and the release of preliminary findings from the VSD.
From page 128...
... Review of NIP's Research Procedures and Data Sharing Program met last week to discuss future handling of the Vaccine Safety Datalink. August 31, 2004.
From page 129...
... · Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract between NIP and HMOs involved in the VSD Data Sharing Program dated Feb ruary 2003 ­ October 2004 (Submitted by NIP, 2004) · Award/Contract 200-2002-00732, Effective Date 09/20/2002 (Sub mitted by NIP, 2004)
From page 130...
... · FDA Public Health Web Notification: Information for Physicians on Sub-acute Thromboses (SAT) and Hypersensitivity Reactions with Use of the Cordis CYPHERTM Coronary Stent by FDA, 2003.
From page 131...
... · Responses to questions raised by the IOM Committee on the Re view of NIP VSD Data Sharing Program, with attachments A-E. (Submitted by NIP on October 4, 2004)

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