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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 46-48

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... will influence the demandfor national R&D data andperhaps require changes in what is collected and how? Chair: Lawrence Brown, Wharton School of Business Sneakers: Barbara Fraumeni, Bureau of Economic Analysis Andrew Wyckoff and Dominique Guellec, Orgaurzation for Economic Cooperation and Development David Trinlcle, Office of Management and Budget Gregory Tassey, National institute of Standards and Technology 10:00 AM Recent Developments in NSF's R&D Data Portfolio John Jarkowksi, Science Resources Statistics Division, NSF 46
From page 47...
... Ron Jarniin, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Bureau of the Census Michael Gallaher, Research Triangle Institute John Alic, Consultant 12:00 PM trench 12:45 PM R&D Collaborations Corporations are outsourcing more R&D and collaborating with rivals, customers, suppliers, and university scientists; but the data capture only a narrow slice of these relationships and reveal little about the magnitude ofthe investments, technicalfoci or duration.
From page 48...
... Local Rob Atkinson, Progressive Policy Institute B International Walter Kue~nTnerle, Harvard Business School Obie Whichard and Ned Howenstine, Bureau of Economic Analysis Robert McGuckin, The Conference Board 4:00 PM Concluding Observations Al Johnson, Corning and the Industrial Research Institute Bronwyn Hall, University of California, Berkeley Fred Gault, Statistics Canada 5:00 PM Adjourn 48

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