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Appendix B: List of Participants
Pages 49-52

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From page 49...
... Lynda Carlson National Science Foundation Leslie Christovich National Science Foundation Stacey Cole Bureau of the Census K.C.Das Office of Science and Technology Michael Davey Congressional Research Service Charles Duke Xerox Research & Technology Elisa Eiseman RAND Chad Evans Council on Competitiveness Donna Possum RAND Mary Frase National Science Foundation Barbara Fraumeni Bureau of Economic Analysis Michael Gallaher Research Triangle institute Fred Gault Statistics Canada Gurmukh Gill Economics and Statistics Administration Katherine Gill ORC David Gromos Bureau of the Census Dominique Guellec Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Randall Haley EPSCoR Foundation 49
From page 50...
... Christopher Hill George Mason University Derek Hill National Science Foundation Ron Hira Columbia University Ned Howenstine Bureau of Economic Analysis Paul Hsen Bureau of the Census Cassandra Ingram Economics and Statistics Administration Yongsuk Jang George Washington University John Jankowski National Science Foundation Ron Jarrnin U.S. Census Bureau Albert Johnson Coming incorporated Sang-Seon Kim Korean Embassy Walter Kuernrnerle Harvard Business School Charlotte Kuh The National Academies Catherine Langrehr Association of American Universities Carolyn Lee University of California, San Diego Rolf Lehming National Science Foundation Michelle Lemlihan Council on Competitiveness Josh Lerner Harvard Business School William Long Business Performance Research Associates, Inc.
From page 51...
... Reese Meismger ASME international Stephen A Merrill The National Academies Mary Ellen Mogee Mogee Research & Analysis Kim Moore Bureau of the Census Yvette Moore Bureau of the Census Mark Morgan ORC Francisco Moris National Science Foundation Russell Moy The National Academies Jerri Mulrow National Science Foundation David Napier Aerospace industries Association Sumiye Okubo Bureau of Economic Analysis Tom Plewes The National Academies David Radzanowski Office of Management and Budget Alan Rapoport National Science Foundation Proctor Reid National Academy of Engineer ng Michael Reischrnan NASA Sally Rood Federal Demonstration Partnership Michael Saltzman Department of Energy John Sargent Office of Technology Policy, Technology Administration Joshua Sarnoff Washington College of Law, American University Harold Schmitz Mars, incorporated Craig Schultz The National Academies Brandon Shackelford National Science Foundation Don Siegel Rensselaer Polytechnic institute Julius Smith Bureau of the Census Tim Smith WESTAT Byongho Son George Washington University Gregory Tassey National institute of Standards and Technology Rebecca Trager Research 51
From page 52...
... David Trinkle Office of Management and Budget Richard Turman Association of American Universities Patrick von Bargen Council on Competitiveness Nick Vonortas George Washington University Kathleen Walsh Henry L Stimson Center Philip Webre Congressional Budget Office Amanda Welch Council on Competitiveness Charles Wessner The Na60nal Academies Obie Whichard Bureau of Economic Analysis Andy White The National Academies Roger Whiteley Industrial Research Institute Yvette White The National Academies Patrick Windham Win&am Consulting Ray Wolfe Na60nal Science Foumda60n Andrew Wyckoff Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 52

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