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Appendix A Workshop Agenda and Participants
Pages 37-41

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... Welcome, Anne Mavor, National Research Council Introductory Remarks Mike Barnes, Army Research Laboratory, Ft. Huachuca Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida Overview of Military Robots, Chuck Shoemaker, Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground General Remarks on Human Interaction with Automated Systems, Thomas Sheridan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10:00 a.m.
From page 38...
... , Massachusetts Institute of Technology Presentation 1: John Pye, Exponent Presentation 2: Nancy Cooke, Arizona State University Commentary and Open Discussion: Missy Cummings 5:00 p.m. Reception 6:00 p.m.
From page 39...
... , BBN Tom Sheridan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Volpe Center Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida Mica Ensley, SA Technologies, Inc.
From page 40...
... Mica Endsley, SA Technologies Michael Goodrich, Brigham Young University Robert Hoffmann, Institute for Human Machine Cognition Dennis McBride, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Christopher Miller, Smart Information Flow Technologies Robin Murphy, University of South Florida Tal Oron-Gilad, University of Central Florida Richard Pew, BBN Technologies John Pye, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates Thomas Sheridan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Charles Shoemaker, U.S. Army Research Laboratory Jim Szalma, University of Central Florida Scott Thayer, Carnegie Mellon University Geb Thomas, University of Iowa Christopher Wickens, University of Illinois Guests Laurel Allender, U.S.
From page 41...
... Army Research Laboratory Jean Scholtz, National Institute of Standards and Technology Jay Shivley, Ames Research Center, NASA Peter Squire, George Mason University Terry Tierney, U.S. Army -- TARDEC Barry Vaughan, U.S.

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