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9 The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation
Pages 371-374

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From page 371...
... In contrast, Internet navigation aids and services have evolved through a sequence of innovations by separate and independent individuals and organizations, initially primarily by academics, and more recently, by commercial entities. Their evolution has been shaped by the response to the cumulative knowledge obtained through publication, the responses of the market to successive offerings, and the close study of competitive 371
From page 372...
... In sum, it is the DNS and Internet navigation aids and services working together that enables searchers to have successful and convenient access to the vast realm of Web resources. The institutional frameworks of the DNS and navigation services provide illuminating contrasts.
From page 373...
... , their role in navigation has been replaced to a significant degree by the use of search terms in search engines. Correspondingly, much of the commercial concern about registering notable domain names appears to have been transferred to the commercial business of purchasing effective search terms on the various navigation services.

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