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Appendix B: Speakers and Participants at Meetings at Site Visits
Pages 389-392

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From page 389...
... Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration Shari Steele, Electronic Frontier Foundation Robert Stoll, U.S. Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office George Strawn, National Science Foundation Emerson Tiller, University of Texas, Austin 389
From page 390...
... Keith Teare, RealNames Tan Tin Wee, National University of Singapore COMMITTEE MEETING NOVEMBER 5-6, 2001 NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL WASHINGTON, D.C. Ari Balogh, VeriSign Global Registry Elana Broitman, Brian Kahin, University of Maryland Elliot Noss, Tucows SITE VISIT NOVEMBER 7, 2001 VERISIGN AND AOL TIME WARNER DULLES, VIRGINIA Michael Aisenberg, VeriSign, Inc.
From page 391...
... SITE VISIT NOVEMBER 12-15, 2001 ICANN MEETING MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA Carl Bildt, AG Global Solutions and ICANN At-large Study Committee Paul Twomey, ICANN Government Advisory Committee COMMITTEE MEETING JANUARY 7-8, 2002 BECKMAN CENTER IRVINE, CALIFORNIA M Stuart Lynn, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers COMMITTEE MEETING FEBRUARY 27-MARCH 2, 2002 HARVARD UNIVERSITY JOHN F

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