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Appendix B Acronyms
Pages 245-246

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... Appendix B Acronyms ABM Anti-ballistic missile CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty CSA Canned subassembly CTR Cooperative threat reduction FMCT Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty G8 Group of 8 GTRI Global Threat Reduction Initiative HEU Highly enriched uranium HTGR High-temperature gas-cooled reactor ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency INF Intermediate range nuclear forces JCIC Joint Compliance and Inspection Commis sion, START I LEU Low enriched uranium LWR Light-water reactor MOX Mixed oxide of plutonium and uranium MPC&A Material protection, control, and accounting NEM Nuclear-explosive materials NPT Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NTM National Technical Means PSI Proliferation Security Initiative 245
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... 246 MONITORING NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND NUCLEAR-EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty SWU Separative work unit SHA Secure hash algorithm SLBM Submarine-launched ballistic missile START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty WMD Weapons of mass destruction

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