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10 Final Comments
Pages 103-105

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From page 103...
... It is difficult to needs of the future and the importance of flexibility. conceive of a scenario in which the need for health research In the fields of oral health and nursing the data are insufwill not continue to accelerate.
From page 104...
... NIH to continue its efforts to provide unique career development programs, albeit in a more integrative fashion across RECOMMENDATIONS NIH than is currently being done. Any large research organization, such as NIH, must nec- Recommendation 10-1: The committee recommends that essarily divide itself into units based on categories of related a standing independent committee be created to monitor science.
From page 105...
... sonnel to meet anticipated short- and long-term future de Recommendation 10-2: The committee recommends that mands, in terms of both area of expertise and number, is the NIH implement a data collection system for tracking important enough to merit independent review and recom the career outcomes of its recipients of research training mendations. It is not sufficient to constitute a new commit support.

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