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Appendix A Biographical Sketches of Committee and Panel Members
Pages 109-115

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... Appendixes
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... During his professional career, Dr. Hammes has been involved in various education and training programs, was Richard Shiffrin, Ph.D., (Committee Vice-Chair)
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... He NIMH training grant, he has the understanding and knowl- brought to the committee his knowledge of the neuropsyedge of NIH -- NRSA training programs. chology and learning processes, which is an important area of NIH research.
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... He cal engineering education, and assessing the outcomes of completed a residency in neurology in 1966 and fellowship postdoctoral research training programs sponsored by the in neuropathology in 1967 at Case Western Reserve Univer- Burroughs Wellcome Fund and other foundations. sity in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned his Ph.D.
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... , (IOM) , is a Biomedical Research Personnel of the National Research currently Distinguished Professor in the Department of Oral Council/The National Academies.
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... mittee for Research on Women's Health, the National Institutes for Dental Research National Advisory Committee, and Margaret McLean Heitkemper, R.N., Ph.D., FAAN is the American Academy of Periodontology Clinical Trials Chairperson, Department of Biobehavioral Nursing and Committee, the Academy of Osseointegration Board of Di- Health Systems, School of Nursing, Corbally Professor in rectors, and the International Association for Dental Re- Public Service, and Adjunct Professor, Division of Gastrosearch Board of Directors. In addition, Dr.

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