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Appendix B Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Training Grants and Fellowships
Pages 116-118

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From page 116...
... This program ferent groups: will provide predoctoral training support for doctoral candi · The National Research Service Award Predoctoral dates who have successfully completed their comprehensive Fellowship for Minority Students. This award provides up examinations or the equivalent by the time of the award and to five years of support for research training leading to the will be performing dissertation research and training.
From page 117...
... However, no individual may receive more than to meet national research priorities in the biomedical, behavthree years of aggregate NRSA support at the postdoctoral ioral, or clinical sciences. Research training grants are a level, including any combination of support from institu- mechanism for the postdoctoral training of physicians and tional and individual awards.
From page 118...
... Biomedical research in- the summer. In addition, the Short-Term Institutional Recludes such areas as cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, search Training Grant can be used to support other types of pharmacology, genetics, and behavioral research as well as predoctoral and postdoctoral training in focused, often the more quantitative areas such as mathematics, physics, emerging, scientific areas relevant to the mission of the NIH chemistry, and computer sciences, necessary to analyze bio- funding institute or center.

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