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8 Emerging Fields and Interdisciplinary Studies
Pages 87-90

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From page 87...
... 8 Emerging Fields and Interdisciplinary Studies Thus far we have conveniently classified training areas as strength of interdisciplinary research. However, today single basic biomedical, behavioral, and clinical.
From page 88...
... Bioinformatics draws heavily on methods degrate research training in the behavioral and social sciences veloped by the slightly older field of clinical (medical) with research training in other fields in all the relevant insti informatics; however, a new breed of scientist is being protutes of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
From page 89...
... This field has been supported in part by a variety make it difficult to train any scientist truly broadly, other of recent National Science Foundation initiatives in global than in a superficial fashion. Thus, a balance should be struck change.
From page 90...
... often are ready prescribed in many cases, it is a necessity for all areas rooted in old scientific divisions and classifications that have of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research.

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