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... on issues regarding research personnel needs in the immigration policies; and unanticipated advances in science. basic biomedical sciences, behavioral and social sciences, A particularly speculative issue is the role of foreign scienclinical sciences, oral health, nursing, and health services.
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... Consequently, the greatly concerned that current immigration policies will committee recommends that each NIH institute and cenmake the interchange of scientists and students with the rest ter incorporate the behavioral and social sciences into its of the world increasingly difficult. training portfolio, including institutes and centers that Based on the balance with regard to output of trained per- have not emphasized these disciplines in the past.
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... The time to degree is increasing, as is the committee recommends that supplements to existing age at which individuals enter the job market as indepen- training grants be made available for the purpose of dedent investigators. This trend does not appear to be abating veloping outreach programs for undergraduates and but may change if the research personnel system remains in high school students from underrepresented minorities balance in terms of output and job placement.
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... The committee recommends that a stand- of its recipients of research training support. A minimum ing independent committee be created to monitor bio- set of outcomes would include employment sector, inmedical, clinical, and behavioral and social science re- volvement in research, and subsequent NIH awards.

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