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Appendix D: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 132-134

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From page 132...
... 132 EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR EARTH-PENETRATOR AND OTHER WEAPONS D Acronyms and Abbreviations ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration AF&F Arming, Fusing, and Firing ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATD atmospheric transport and dispersion AUP Advanced Unitary Penetrator BW biological weapon C3 command, control, and communications C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence CBRN chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear CEP circular error probable CRH caliber radius head CW chemical weapon DELFIC Defense Land Fallout Interpretive Code DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DOB depth of burst DOD Department of Defense DOE Department of Energy DTED digital topographic elevation data DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency DUG1c one-dimensional engineering ground-shock propagation code EM-1 Effects Manual-1 EP earth penetration EPW earth-penetrator weapon 132
From page 133...
... National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements NEWFALL New Fallout Code NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration NTS Nevada Test Site OMEGA Operational Multiscale Environment Model with Grid Adaptivity P II Pershing II (missile) PD probability of damage PDCALC Probability of Damage Calculator R&D research and development RIPD Radiation Induced Performance Distribution RNEP robust nuclear earth penetrator (weapon)
From page 134...
... 134 EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR EARTH-PENETRATOR AND OTHER WEAPONS VN vulnerability number WinGS two-dimensional physics-based ground-shock code WMD weapons of mass destruction

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