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1 Introduction
Pages 9-12

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From page 9...
... At present, no plans exist for conducting nuclear tests related to RNEP or other nuclear weapons. Previous congressional actions related to the RNEP have included limiting the obligation of funds for the RNEP study pending a report from the DOD and DOE "that sets forth: (1)
From page 10...
... and the Air Force have conducted and are continuing to conduct studies, modeling and simulations, and non-nuclear tests to achieve a better understanding of the complex phenomena involved if nuclear or non-nuclear weapons are exploded in or near the location of hardened WMD storage or production facilities. The Thermobaric Weapon Demonstration is an ongoing program to provide an air-to-ground weapon capability to functionally defeat hard and deeply buried tunnel targets -- with an emphasis on those for protecting leadership and command and control facilities.
From page 11...
... Chapter 3 defines earth-penetrator weapons (EPWs) and discusses the history of EPW technology, key penetrator characteristics, geologies in which experiments have been done, empirical equations for predicting EPW penetration, maximum credible penetration depths, the B61-11 EPW, the current Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator program, and some characteristics of nuclear weapons for surface burst.
From page 12...
... The computer programs discussed are the Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability code (HPAC) developed by DTRA and its predecessor agencies and those used by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory -- the NUKE code from Sandia National Laboratories to model the prompt effects of a nuclear explosion and the K-Division Defense Nuclear Agency Fallout Code (KDFOC)

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