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7 Conventional Weapons
Pages 99-102

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From page 99...
... , is the next-generation, hardtarget penetrator munition. It shares the external appearance and flight characteristics of the 2,000 pound BLU-109 but has an advanced, heavy steel penetrator warhead filled with high-energy explosives that can penetrate more than twice as much reinforced concrete as the BLU-109.
From page 100...
... The significant difference is the replacement of the high-explosive fill with a new thermobaric explosive that provides increased lethality in confined spaces. Conventional Air-launched cruise missile with precision Air-Launched guidance and a 1,200 pound AUP penetrating Cruise Missile warhead augmented with two forward shaped (CALCM)
From page 101...
... Block II is the Precision Strike variant with guidance upgrades and a 1,200 pound AUP warhead augmented with two forward shaped charges for use against buried and/or hardened targets. · The Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)
From page 102...
... The U.S. Strategic Command is directed to provide capabilities established in the Nuclear Posture Review, full-spectrum global strike, and coordinated space and information operations capabilities to meet national security objectives for both deterrence and decisive action.

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